Pizza Recipe healthy and tasty alternative to the traditional

Science Kitchen Green Superfood with Giving Tree Snack Paleo Pizza!

D2E Chef: Natasha Figueiredo Science Kitchen Green Superfood with Giving Tree Snack Paleo Pizza I saw a quote on internet once saying “Pizza tastes as good as being skinny feels”. I must admit this is true, however it gives the impression that either you have pizza or you are in a good shape. I made this Greens […]

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Go Green Extreme!

    Go Green Extreme…quite literally! Green bread? Green soup? Don’t worry, you won’t turn green.  Everyone knows veggies are a must in any healthy diet — the phrase “eat your greens” has been drilled into us since childhood. A study of 65,226 men and women indicated the more fruit and vegetables people ate, the less […]

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Paleo Pizza and Dairy Free!

Paleo Pizza and Dairy Free! So, the idea came to me last week whilst watching tele: Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast to be exact. Chris Moyles was the guest and he was explaining how his favourite food was pizza. He blamed fast food to why he had become so fat as a radio 1 […]

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Cauliflower Courgette Pizza

Cauliflower Courgette Pizza In the picture is the cauliflower courgette pizza: I might have made this whilst running around like a complete looney and forgot my dinner was in the oven…burning nicely around the edges! Another little mishap that I made with this recipe was slicing and placing the salad tomatoes on to: cherry tomatoes […]

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Almond Crust Pizza

tes Almond Crust Pizza The very first Paleo Pizza I made! Almond Crust Pizza….since then I have made a variety of different types of Paleo pizzas; all very delicious and with their own nutritious qualities. The almond crust pizza has a hard base, easy to handle and creates the aroma of a wholesome tone. Jacob […]

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